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It is widely believed that a lack of financial literacy in our society was a major factor in the recent financial crisis.

Together, we can help.

Financial Seminars remains committed to helping students learn about banking and finances. In addition to the OneAccount's money management tools, we now offer Financial Intelligence, an online financial literacy course. Financial Intelligence's fully Web-enabled course gives students an interactive, self-paced and substantive experience on the basics of personal finance.


Why Free Financial Seminars?

Temptations abound...

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  • The average college student graduated with $3,000 in credit card debt.2

No one talks about it...

  • Parents often shy away from discussing personal finance with their children.3

Education is powerful...

  • Research shows that people who understand basic financial principles are better at retirement planning, accumulating wealth and avoiding debt.4
  • Studies show financial pressure is the leading reason college students drop out.5  

  • When it comes to financial literacy, simulations and interactive exercises are particularly effective6

Course Content
  • Online interactive content

  • Realistic examples

  • Measurable effectiveness